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Alexandra (A. J.) Van Belle is the author of The Smoke of Rebirth (commercial YA) and co-author of The Samsara Solution (adult sci-fi mystery) with Danai Christopoulou and Anna Klapdor.


Alexandra's fiction has appeared in journals and anthologies from 2004 to the present. They've worked as a full-time editor in nonfiction publishing and higher education, served as YA acquiring editor at a small publisher, and taught undergraduate writing courses at Boston University. Currently, in addition to writing full time and nurturing new talent through two novel-writing mentorship programs, they are a professor of natural sciences. An ecologist and evolutionary geneticist with a Ph.D. in biology, they draw on their science background to inform the world-building details in their fiction.

Alexandra is represented by Lauren Bieker of FinePrint Literary Management.

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The Smoke of Rebirth
Every class needs someone like Maren to stand up to bullies. Little does this class know Maren is so much more.

A terrified HS student. A girl who faked death to end bullying. A princess alive since the Bronze Age. And a stalker with a death wish.
They could save a group of teens from destroying themselves...if they don't destroy each other first.

Commercial YA with fantasy elements
85K words
On submission

In a near future where past lives are a scientifically proven fact, a disabled woman haunted by her former self, an unlikely murderer on a quest for justice, and a jaded investigator with a knack for dying must make peace with former incarnations before more innocent lives are lost, or risk Final Death—the kind you don’t come back from in any form.

Adult sci-fi mystery
100K words
On submission

The Samsara Solution
Everything you've lived can be used against you.

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All Falls to Ruin

With the help of Cortinarius, an ancient forest spirit with dubious motives, grief-stricken dryad Sylvia takes on human form and enters a coastal Texas town to seek restitution for her sister, who was killed by a careless human.


Adult dark fantasy, 95K words

Will go on sub in early 2023

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"A Billion Paper Stars"

"The Mist That Forms the Flesh"

"The Frost of Mercy"

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