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Creativity Coaching

One-on-one guidance and connection on your creative journey

What we'll do together

I'm here to help you become an ever-evolving master of your creative craft

If you've ever wanted guidance from someone who's been there, the chance to develop your ideas and your approach in a way that's as structured or as open-ended as you choose, and a path to maximizing your creative potential, coaching is for you.

Coaching involves meeting weekly or every other week to discuss your goals for your book or other creative projects. The product is you, so while we'll work to help your book or other creative product become the best version of itself, the main goal is to help you become the creator you've always dreamed of being: fulfilled in your process, delighting in ongoing growth, and believing in yourself and the value of your work.

Notebook and Pen
Notebook and Pen

Why work with me?

I take a holistic approach to creativity, and I'm a respectful fellow creator and guide. I bring more than 30 years' experience writing novels, almost 30 years' experience teaching natural wellness and spirituality, experience as a professional visual artist, and a passion for co-creating a beautiful new reality with mentees and coaching clients.

Coaching Tracks

Open Book

Book Coaching

By working together for a period of time, usually 6 months, we'll take your finished novel to the next level and prepare it for publication or for the traditional query process. We'll focus on your specific goals and on your growth as a writer. If you want to give your book its best possible chance in a tough marketplace and experience creative collaboration with an author who's written 25 novels, this option is for you.

Paint Pots and Color Wheel

Creative Process Development

If you're looking for a way to establish daily or weekly creative routines that fit with your life, learn to trust your intuition, and maximize your potential as a creator in any art form, this option is for you. By working together for whatever period of time you prefer, from a single session to a long-term coaching relationship, we'll delve into the connection between creative process and fulfillment and place you on a path to success in becoming the creator you've always wanted to be.

Serene Yoga Studio

Wellness and Personal Growth Through Creativity

We'll approach your overall self-development and emotional/spiritual well-being by drawing on my knowledge of a range of modalities and practices, tailoring the approach to your specific needs and preferences. By merging creative practice and personal growth, together we'll set you on a path of creative discovery and enhanced enjoyment of life.

Coffee and Book
"A.J. Van Belle has been my creative coach since 2019. I’ve never known anyone who could keep me as creatively motivated as they do. Their expertise in writing and troubleshooting roadblocks in the creative process are unparalleled. Not only are they skilled, they also have a warm, thoughtful approach to providing feedback. There’s no one else I’d trust my manuscripts with as much, as I know A.J will always help me chart the course to make them the best they can be. "

Dani Cessna, Writer

To get started, contact me for a free 30-minute consultation so we can see if we're a fit, I can get to know your needs, and we can figure out what plan and schedule is right for you.

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