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"Harrow" is a short story that blends sci-fi with classic Gothic elements. In this subtle take on body horror, cyborg additions to the human body are the source of physical and psychological dissonance.

Available now from Ghost Orchid Press.

"Tasting Silt" in Crone Rising

"Harrow" in Blood & Bone

"Tasting Silt," my creative nonfiction contribution to this gorgeous anthology from Jazz House Publications, is the story of an imaginary circus, a quiet loss, and a friendship that still helps make me who I am today. I'm honored to be included among so many wise voices. Available now.

"A BILLION PAPER STARS" in Navigating Ruins

From WriteHive 

Navigating Ruins cover.png
Once Upon a Winter cover.png

"THE FROST OF MERCY" in Once Upon a Winter

from MacFarlane Lantern Publishing

Folk Tales from the Hinterland cover.png

"THE MIST THAT FORMS THE FLESH" in Folk Tales From the Hinterland

From Gurt Dog Press 

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